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Sometimes children experience emotional or behavioral challenges that families cannot navigate on their own. Children may be exhibiting challenging behaviors, such as temper tantrums or aggressive outbursts that impact the entire family. Children may also experience anxiety, depression, or difficulty interacting with peers. I work collaboratively with children and their families to help them resolve these problems in lasting ways. The goal of our work together is to get children to feel better and act in healthier ways, to improve relationships in the family, and to help parents become more effective in their parenting.

My work always starts by establishing a trusting relationship with the child and with the family. Through conversation and play, I conduct an informal assessment of the child's skills in different areas of development. I do not look at particular problems in isolation, but rather work to understand the whole child in the context of his/her family and community. Once I have a thorough understanding of the problem at hand, I use one or more evidence-based treatment approaches, such as Collaborative Problem-Solving or Mindfulness and Acceptance Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, to address the problem.

I include parents at the end of every session and hold parent meetings every several sessions to review progress and revise therapy goals.

I work with children as young as 2.5 years of age and as old as late adolescence/emerging adulthood.

Below are examples of problems that I have helped clients address: